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Better Growth, Better Cities: Achieving Uganda’s Development Ambition

This paper outlines the urbanisation elements that support Uganda’s green growth.

Uganda’s leaders understand that they will need to reconsider their growth model to deliver economic and social outcomes, at the same time as protecting natural capital, managing the impacts of climate change and using environmental policy to actually drive growth: a “green growth” model. At the request of the Government of Uganda,
the New Climate Economy Partnership in Uganda was asked to improve understanding around the challenges and opportunities for green growth. The findings of this study are published in Achieving Uganda’s Development Ambition: The Economic Impact of Green Growth – An Agenda for Action.

This paper now supplements the findings in that broader report, to provide a fuller elaboration of the urbanisation elements that will support Uganda’s green growth. Global evidence demonstrates that a national urban transition can support better urban growth through compact urban growth, connected urban infrastructure and coordinated urban governance. Applying this focus to the national transition in Uganda, this report explores four questions:

• What are the challenge and opportunities for unlocking better urban growth in Uganda?

• What are the elements of a model of better urban growth which can support improved national development outcomes and long-term economic transformation?

• What are the potential net economic benefits of better urban growth?

• What urban infrastructure investments and national policy levers are necessary to support better urban growth
in Uganda?