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Harnessing new urban energy options

This Global Programme focused on how national governments can accelerate the urban energy transition in concert with city governments, utilities and other stakeholders.

A significant portion of the global urban abatement potential can be attributed to the decarbonisation of urban electricity supply. However, energy policy has historically been the domain of national governments, and electricity has typically been supplied to urban areas by national or regional utilities. City governments have had little authority over energy supply.

The rise of decentralised and digitalised energy technologies offers new opportunities for national, state and local governments to accelerate the transition to clean electricity. This is manifesting in the number of city governments that are committing to “100% renewable energy targets”. However, city governments have varying abilities to deliver on these goals.

This Global Programme offered a framework for national, state and city governments to think through how they might best take advantage of new energy technologies to deliver clean, affordable electricity for all. This can inform a coordinated approach whereby far-sighted national policies are complemented by local implementation and enable local innovation.