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Dominic Waughray

Managing Director & Head of the Centre for Global Public Goods, World Economics Forum

As Managing Director and Head of the Centre for Global Public Goods for the World Economic Forum, Dominic oversees the organization’s environmental and sustainability agenda (including its climate change and water security programs), largely focusing on green growth (especially finance) and sustainable consumption.

Dominic is an International Fellow at IIED and advisor to a number of organizations and initiatives in the water and climate change arena. He is on the Steer Board of the Water Resources Group, a public-private organization focused on improving water resource management which is hosted by the World Bank Group (International Finance Corporation) and a member of the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate Corporate Water Disclosure Advisory Board.

Dominic regularly writes articles on water security, green growth and clean tech and has published for The BBC, The Guardian, the Financial Times and The Huffington Post among others. He authored the 2011 World Economic Forum book “Water Security – the Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus” published by Island Press, which received advance praise from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who said: “for the first time all the different perspectives and expertise required to define the full dimension of the problem are brought together.” Dominic regularly blogs and tweets for The Guardian Sustainable Business and for the World Economic Forum on environmental matters, including from COPs and Davos.

Before joining the World Economic Forum, Dominic was Managing Partner at Environmental Resources Management and Higher Scientific Officer (Resource Economist) at the Natural Environment Research Council Institute of Hydrology. Dominic has a Degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge and a Master’s in Environmental Economics from the University College, London.